February 26, 2015


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The latest from Amador Flower Farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley
In this issue:

  • What’s up at the Farm?

  • What’s Blooming?

  • Web Daylily Special

  • Plant of the Month

  • Timely Tip

  • Mark Your Calendar

  • Manager’s Weekly Special

  • A Special Message for Wine Lovers

What’s up at the Farm?
We’re back to our daily schedule! We’re now open daily 9am-4pm.
AND we start our bare root daylily shipping next week. Do we have your spring order yet? We have over 1000 varieties, including early mid and late season bloomers, re-bloomers, short and tall, small and large flowers, flowers with ruffles and multiple colors. We have red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, …so many choices! Start HERE with the early bloomers!


We’re watching the weather for this region and encourage you to watch our website and Facebook page so we can keep you posted as our spring and summer veggies start rolling in.
Do not be persuaded by the big box stores to buy those tempting vegetable starter plants. They’re perfectly happy to sell you replacement plants when the first batch freezes. We want you to be successful with your first planting!
Planting vegetables and flowers from seed can be done in March to be ready for planting outside by the end of April or mid-May and some seeds can be sown outside now (see below).
Veggies to plant outside NOW from seed (in our general area) are:

Beets Kale Rutabagas
Carrots Lettuce Shallots
Celery Onion sets Spinach
Chard Peas Turnips
Collards Radish  

We have Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds available online HERE. They’re also available at our nursery where we have other brands as well.
Now is also the time to pick up your summer bulbs and ours have just arrived! We have Dahlias, Freesias, Gladiolas, Liatris, Asiatic and Oriental Lilies, Starflower, and Mexican Shell Flower.
Looking for something special? Call us (209)245-6660.

Need an excuse to visit Amador County? Daffodil Hill opened this week! We have daffodils here at the farm but “the hill” is the place to be in the next few weeks if you’re a daffy lover! Get the dish HERE on the Sutter Creek website and come enjoy our county!


What’s Blooming? 
HERE is where you can go to see our most recent updates of the blooms at the farm. We have daffodils in bloom and this is a great time to see our groundskeepers’ pruning techniques!


Web Only Special
Extra Early Daylilies to start your Year off Right!
This collection of beauties includes some of our earliest bloomers here at the farm. We’ll send you 2 fans of each of these 10 daylilies for $49.95 and we’ll throw the shipping in for FREE! The collection includes: After the Fall, Sachet of Lemon, Bird’s Eye, Cherry Eyed Pumpkin, Cosmic Hummingbird, Raspberry Candy, Terracotta Baby, Witch Stitchery, Becky Lynn, and Web of Intrigue. Take a peek order HERE.

Plant of the Month
Hellebore…When a Rose is NOT a Rose!
Native plant of Southern Europe, Western Asia. 
The hellebores are showy, undemanding perennials for California gardens.  They have large, leathery leaves on long stalks, divided hand-like into several leaflets.  Their flowers are presented, sometimes massive clusters above the foliage in early spring often lasting two months or more.  Plants do best in partial or full shade in hot climates.  Plant in soils with rich organic matter with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.  Over the last decade hybridizers have developed beautiful new varieties with flower colors in yellow, pink, red, and deep purple.  Hellebores are also deer resistant.
Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis)
These tend to begin blooming a bit later and last well into spring.  Flowers are 2”-4” wide in shades of white, pink, cream, apricot and red with many having spotted markings.  The leaves are attractive dark green and glossy. This variety is easier to transplant and is self-sowing.
Here at the farm nursery we have the Winter Thriller series blooming in 1 gallon pots for $9.99 each. Come see!


Timely Tip
March is the perfect month to get a jump on gardening chores before growth explodes in the garden!
Stay ahead of weed growth by pulling them and or using herbicides.  Once an area is clean applying a layer of mulch will help reduce re-growth.
Container plants on decks and patios respond to being re-potted. Use fresh commercial grade potting soil.  Plants that have been in containers for more than 2 years may need to be divided to re-invigorate them.
Improve your native soil by adding organic soil amendments such as compost, planting mix, and peat moss.  Sandy soils will benefit by increasing moisture retention capability.  Heavy clay soils will become more porous and workable.  Do not work clay soils after heavy rains when foot traffic will further compact the ground.
Now’s the time to fertilize lawns, shrubs and trees and in most cases a balanced all-purpose formula is best.  However, plants that require an acidic soil (azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, blueberries, etc.) need a specially formulated acid fertilizer.  In any case be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
A number of shrubs and groundcover plants will develop unsightly woody growth when left unpruned.  The following plants will flush with new luxuriant growth when severely pruned back to just several inches from the ground:











Mark your calendar:

  • This weekend our Spring Hours begin. We’re open daily 9:00am - 4:00pm.

  • April 5th at 1pm, the Easter Bunny will visit, rain or shine! Join us at 1pm sharp. All kids from toddler size to 13 years old are invited to join in the hunt. If the weather cooperates, feel free to bring a picnic and stay awhile. Don’t forget your camera!

  • April 11th & 12th is the weekend of our 18th Annual Spring Fling at the Farm! Join us for seminars, new item introductions, info booths, tastings and a nursery and gift shop stocked with new goodies and plants for the season!

Our event calendar is HERE – take a look and plan to join us through the season for all the fun at the farm!

Manager’s Weekly Specials
you can see what this week’s “Manager’s Special” is HERE. The specials begin Monday mornings and last through Sunday.

“Like” us on Facebook HERE  or on Twitter HERE where you can get quick updates more regularly. We post pics on Instagram and would love to see yours- follow us!


A special message for our wine-loving friends:

Barbera Festival Tickets Go On Sale Sunday, March 1st
Ticket sales for the fifth annual Barbera Festival begin Sunday, March 1. We expect a quick sell out so don't wait to get yours.

Join us at the Barbera Festival Kick-Off Party at Terra d’Oro! See details below.
Kick-Off Party at Terra d’Oro – March 1st 
Terra d’Oro is pulling out all the stops with Barbera Vertical Tastings, Barbera Library Tastings and even Barbera Barrel samples! Come by from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm to revel in Barbera and buy your Barbera Festival tickets in person. (terradorowinery.com)

For more information and to buy your tickets online go to barberafestival.com.




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