August 8, 2014

The latest from Amador Flower Farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley

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Here comes the corn maze!
What’s up at the Farm this Month?
First and foremost, a HUGE Flower Farm THANK YOU to the firefighters who knocked out the Sand Fire! If you're not from California where we spend a lot of our late summer "fire season" days biting our nails and hoping for the best, you may not know we had a large fire very close to home this month. Our community pulled together and there are fundraisers planned for those who need some help.  We are very thankful for our neighbors and our firefighters!

Can you believe it? Our pumpkin patch and corn maze are growing and it’s already time to talk fall veggies and bare root fruit trees! Our bare root list is ready (see below) and we have the seeds and information you need to get started on your fall garden.

Fall Bulbs are on their way! It’s almost time to pick up daffodil bulbs for planting in the fall. You’ll want to shop early for the best selection. Bulbs to plant in fall for spring bloom include: daffodils, iris, tulips, crocus and more. We’ll let you know as soon as they arrive- do you follow us on Facebook or Twitter? Those are our quickest ways to reach you!

Mark your calendar for the 7th Annual Labor Day Progressive Picnic on the Shenandoah School Rd Loop! We join with the wineries on our road for this fun day of snacking and winetasting at some of the best wineries in Amador County. Start at Wilderotter for a hotdog and some gourmet (home-cooked) beans then mosey on to Terra D’Oro, Cooper, the flower farm and Karmere. The fun starts at 11am! Details: HERE

Bloom Report:  Hot August Nights
You’ll be surprised how much is in bloom, take a look HERE. We’re open daily 9am-4pm.

Web Special
Go BIG or Go Home! Bare Root Daylily Collection
This collection of daylilies contains six varieties- all with flowers that are 5-7”! No messing around this time- these are big beautiful blossoms that will add some pop and excitement to your garden when they bloom. Check out the details HERE.

Our Favorite Plant of the Month
Special Order Fruit Trees
Have you discovered a newly developed fruit at a farmer’s market that you just can’t live without?  If so, now is the time to order bare root fruit trees for spring 2015.  We are offering over 225 varieties of fruit and nut trees that you can order now.  Give us a call (209) 245-6660 and we’ll mail you a price list and order form.  The minimum order is just one tree and by ordering now you’ll save 25% off of the regular price.  When they arrive in January we’ll give you a call for pick up.  Order deadline is November 3rd. Call (209)245-6660.

Your Fall Veggie Garden
It’s a little early to start setting out starter plants for fall because the heat and sun intensity of August are generally overwhelming in our area. We have a small selection for you hardy sorts willing to add some shade protection if/when we get more triple digit temps. We’ll have a full selection within the next few weeks. Give us a call if you’re looking for something in particular (209)245-6660.
You can start many fall veggies from seed NOW. We have these in stock: Beets (5 kinds), Broccoli (2 kinds + raab), Brussel Sprouts, Carrots (6 kinds), Celery, Kale, Lettuce (9 kinds), Onions (bunching and red bulb), Radish (6 kinds), Rutabaga, Spinach (2 kinds), Swiss Chard (2 kinds), and Turnips.
The Sacramento area Master Gardeners have an easy to use Planting Guide that many of our readers can consult as well. Take a look HERE. In fact, they have a very informative website so take some time to familiarize yourself with it! HERE
Our own Amador County Master Gardeners have a Winter Vegetable Garden class coming in September. If you’re one of our local friends, take a look at the details HERE (they’ll even send you an email reminder!)
The El Dorado County Master Gardeners have a “Plant a Row for the Hungry” link that explains how we can all participate in planting just a little bit extra to donate to our neighbors who may not have enough to eat. Get started HERE
We’ll have starter plants in the next few weeks and we’ll keep you posted (Again, you can keep track of us on Facebook and Twitter).
Come get your seeds and get started on your fall/winter garden this weekend!
We’re open daily, 9am-4pm. (209)245-6660.

Timely Tip
Got Chores?

Yes, even in the middle of the dog days of summer there are tasks that need to be attended to in order to keep your garden in apple pie order.  If you’re like us, any day that is forecast for triple digit temperatures is automatically ”off the table”.
Plants that require regular feedings such as Roses need a mid-summer application.  Use an appropriate formulation such as Rose and Flower Food.  We like to apply half the recommend amount during the summer heat to prevent the possibility of fertilizer burn.  As always be sure to water well.  If you are using a foliar spray fertilizer, apply during early morning and never during the hottest part of the day.
Remove spent flowers on annuals such as Marigolds, blooming shrubs like Roses, and flowering perennials i.e. Daylilies.  In most cases this will stimulate more blooms, keep the plant from going to seed, and cosmetically make your garden more neat and tidy.
Summer Pruning
This is an ideal time to survey your plants for irregular or unwanted growth.  Fruit trees can be pruned now to keep them from getting too tall.  Also keep an eye out for sucker growth.  These shoots form below the graft and usually have a larger leaf than the rest of the plant.  Citrus and Roses can also develop these suckers.  If possible remove them by twisting them off, preventing them from re-growing.
Saving H20
All gardeners have a “Green Thumb” but have you developed a “Blue Thumb”?  Being vigilant on using water wisely everyday (and not just in the garden) can earn you the coveted Blue Thumb.  Check your underground sprinklers and drip systems for clogged heads and emitters.  Adjust spray patterns to avoid wasteful over spray.
This Last Item is a Reward and Not a Chore 
Grow a Mint plant in a container and add a fresh sprig every time you enjoy your favorite beverage.  We guarantee it will make these hot summers days far more pleasurable!

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