August 29, 2014

The latest from Amador Flower Farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley

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What’s up at the Farm this Month?

We’re having a picnic on Shenandoah School Road!
Join Amador Flower Farm and the wineries on our loop for our 7th Annual FREE Progressive Picnic on Labor Day. NEW for 2014- have your passport stamped at all five participating businesses and enter to win a gift basket filled with goodies AND two tickets to the Amador Vintners’ upcoming Big Crush event!
Start at the farm for dessert first! Or start at Wilderotter for a hotdog and baked beans then move on up the road for your next course- you get the idea!  Enjoy some of the best wines in Amador County along the way. The fun starts on Labor Day, September 1st, at 11am and continues until 4pm. Questions? Call Wilderotter Vineyards at (209)245-6016

Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 7th this year!
Is there a better place for a picnic with your grandparents than Amador Flower Farm? We’ll have free tram rides all day and if you bring the picnic, we’ll bring the dessert. Free ice cream on Sunday, September 7th!

SAVE the DATE: The pumpkin patch and corn maze are growing and we’re opening a bit early this year- Saturday, September 27th and we’ll be open daily 9am-4pm through Halloween!
Also mark your calendar and join us for our 18th annual Fall Festival on Saturday and Sunday, October 4th & 5th, 9-4. All the details will be in our next newsletter.

Bloom Report:  
Lots of variety blooming in the gardens, take a look HERE.
We’re open daily 9am-4pm.

Daylily Sales!
Daylilies are often referred to as “the perfect perennial” and we agree! They are relatively pest and worry free- they’re deer resistant, can take our hot summers and cold winters and especially important for us westerners- they’re drought tolerant!
Bare Root Daylily Sale
Now through September 30th

  • Our BEST price in years!

  • Almost 600 varieties of daylilies are just $3.00 each!

  • You will receive 2 fans (plants) for each $3.00 plant you purchase, a 40-50% discount!

You can see them all on our website HERE!
Don’t miss this chance to fill your garden and your life with the perfect perennial! At this price you can afford to order extra of each to share!
The bare root sale is internet only, you must order online by September 30th and the plants must ship by October 30th. The $25 minimum online order and regular shipping rates apply. These sales are limited to stock on hand and only bare root plants will be shipped. Shipping details areHERE.
Start shopping HERE!

Potted Daylily Sale at the Nursery
September 1st -  October 5thth
Hundreds of varieties of daylilies in pots will be discounted to $4.00 each! That’s our BEST price in more than a decade – a 55% discount!
Choose from re-bloomers, tall or short plants, small or large flowers, ruffled petals, evergreen or dormant plants and almost every color imaginable!
This is the best price in YEARS so don’t miss out!
We’re open daily, 9am-4pm.

Timely Tip

Planning Your Fall Veggie Garden 
Growing cool season or fall vegetables is similar to a warm season garden requiring a couple of simple steps of planning and preparation.
Locate your garden in an area of full sun.
Flat ground is best. If you’re on a hillside, terracing is a good solution to run-off problems. Otherwise, try planting in containers on a deck or patio. Lettuces, spinach and other leafy cool season crops do quite well in containers. Here at the farm nursery, we have containers as well as an excellent organic potting soil available for sale (G&B 2 cu ft, $9.99).

Prepare your existing soil by adding a layer of composted organic matter (at least 4” thick) and an application of a balanced fertilizer (such as 5-8-4) and till it into the soil.  If your soil is extremely poor or has poor drainage consider growing your garden in a raised bed.
Plant of the Month

Cool Season Veggie garden
September is an ideal time to plant seeds or seedlings of your favorite fall veggies. Here are a few of the most common and easiest to grow cool season vegetables (feel free to give us a call to check availability of the varieties you need 209 245-6660):
Broccoli- One of the easiest to grow of the cool season crops. Set plants 18” apart. Harvest heads before the buds begin to open. You can continue harvesting the smaller side shoots so let them grow!

Cabbage- Consider staggering plantings every week or two to prolong harvest through the fall and winter. Use a spun fabric row cover to keep out insect pests.
Lettuce- Thrives in rich, loamy, well-drained soil. Plant a mixture of varieties in a half barrel planter to create your own “salad bowl”. If you don't need an entire head at once, harvest just the outer leaves you intend to use and let the plants continue to produce.

Onions- Plant from seed, starts or sets. Space sets 4” apart or closer if you want some as green onions. Plant the set so the point of the bulb is just visible.

Root Veggies- Beets, carrots and radishes should be sown directly into the soil. Stagger sowings to prolong harvest.

Swiss Chard- Very easy to grow. Try the Bright Lights variety. It’s good eating and adds bright colors to your veggie garden. Harvest as you would lettuce by breaking off the outer leaves and allowing the plant to continue to grow.

Spinach- Sow seeds or plant seedlings every 10 days for a continuous crop. Harvest as described above for lettuce and chard.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to grow cool season veggies. Homegrown flavor, money savings and food safety- you can’t beat it!
The following is a list of the varieties we have available as seedlings in 6 packs. They’re listed by variety showing days to reach harvest and specific growth characteristics and benefits.



Days to 



Green Comet

55 days

Early and productive, deep green heads of good quality.




Heat resistant, sweet “nutmeat” flavor

Brussels Sprouts

Jade Cross

80 days

Very productive, dark green, solid sprouts of superior quality.  Adaptable to a wide variety of weather conditions.



65-70 days

2-4 lbs. Round solid heads.


Flat Dutch

95 days

Medium size, flat, solid head.


Red Acre

75 days

Round and solid red heads.




Good cold tolerance, virus resistant.



90-120 days

Large, smooth, firm white head.  Good quality.



62 days

Early producer, Beautiful orange color


First White

65 days

Plant later, grows best in cool weather


Giant Pascal

90-120 days

Dark green, broad, smooth stalks are thick, solid, tender and crisp.


Red Russian

60 days

Frost improves flavor.



62 days

Excellent flavor, use small leaves.


Blue Knight

45 days

Earlier, stronger, higher yields.



75 days

Produces very tender 4 ½ inch rosette.


Head Great Lakes

90 days

Medium to large uniform heads.  Dark green leaves.  Resistant to tip burn.  Mosaic free.


Lollo Rosso

60 days

6-8 inch circular, loose-leaf type with red outer leaves and younger center leaves with green and tipped with red.  Leaf margins are very frilly.  Med.-slow bolting.



70 days

Large upright leaves, 7-9 inches long.  Dark green with pale green creamy interior.  Heads exceptionally well.


Ca Stockton Red

180 days

Large, thick, flat bulbs.  Dark red skin with light red ringing.  Very productive and vigorous and well adapted to central California.



125 days

Brown skin. Mild, sweet onion.


Yellow Spanish

130 days

Large bulbs, medium firm flesh.


Yellow Sweet Spanish

130 days

Brownish yellow skin.  Large bulbs have medium firm flesh.


Walla Walla Sweet

125 days

Mild, sweet onion.


Italian Single
Triple Curled

75-80 days
70 days

Dark green, large flat leaves.
Dark green, finely cut.  Compact and vigorous.  The most popular variety.


Sugar Snap

70 days

Pole type.  2 ½ - 3 inch, medium green, round, slightly curved pods with 6-7 peas per pod. Exceptional delicate sweet flavor and is best served raw.  6-7 feet tall.



45-50 days

Large, semi-erect plants with thick dark green leaves. Resistant to downy and mildew mosaic.


Babys Leaf

40 days

Plant in late summer.

Swiss Chard

Green Leaf

60 days

Dark green, smooth leaves, very productive, high quality.


Red Leaf

60 days

Red stalks, leaves with red veins, delicious flavor.


Bright Lights

60 days

Unusual and easily grown combo of beauty and flavor. The stems come in a rainbow of colors and leaves are dark green with improved flavor and tenderness.



61 days

Bolt tolerant, perfect for home gardens.

Many vegetables can be grown from either seed or seedlings. Root crops such as beets, carrots, radish and turnips should only be planted by seed as they do not transplant well.

We have seeds for many varieties. Come to the nursery or give us a call if you’re looking for something special in plants or seeds: 209 245-6660.


Reminder: Special Order Fruit Trees
Now is the time to order bare root fruit trees for spring 2015.  We're offering over 225 varieties of fruit and nut trees that you can order now.  Give us a call (209) 245-6660 and we’ll mail you a price list and order form.  The minimum order is just one tree and by ordering now you’ll save25% off of the regular price.  When they arrive in January we’ll give you a call for pick up. 

Order deadline is November 3rd. Call (209)245-6660.

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