July 2, 2015


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What’s up at the Farm this Month?
The gardens are in bloom and we’re open daily!
Popsicles, beautiful gardens, walking paths, shaded picnic tables, fun gift shop, plant nursery, and the friendliest crew around…what more could you ask for?
Join us over the holiday weekend! Some of the earlier varieties of daylilies are finishing up and mid-season and re-bloomers are taking their place. This is truly the time of the year that we shine and would love to have you visit.
We’ve had some real heat this week but are expecting 10+ degrees cooler over the weekend- hooray!

We’re lucky at the farm to have a naturally fed waterway right through the center of the farm that seems to always bring a cooling breeze our way. The picnic tables under our majestic shady oaks are a pleasant place to relax and have a picnic after a stroll through the gardens. Don’t miss the bloom!

Web Only Special
Summer Celebration Daylily Collection

These beauties will provide you with a fabulous summer show- 4 bloom early, 6 bloom mid-season, 2 are re-bloomers and one even blooms late season! For our many friends in harsher winter areas, this entire collection goes dormant. They can be grown anywhere; the foliage dies back for winter but don’t worry, they’ll be back each spring!
Includes: Party Queen, Sombrero Way, White Light, Princeton Sunlight, Pat Neumann , Peach Whisper, Wineberry Candy, Natchez Moon
Package price is $40 and we’ll pay the shipping within the continental US. That’s a $15 savings!  Order early, quantities are limited. Click HERE now to get started.

Bloom Report: 
HERE is where you can go to see our most recent updates of the blooms at the farm. We’re open daily 9am-4pm.

Plant of the Month
Grow a Piece of Local History with Heritage Zinfandel Wine Grapes
These plants are propagated from the original vines planted in the 1860’s right here on the Deaver property.  The vines are dry farmed, deeply rooted, and head trained which produce a full bodied spicy fruit with rich, ripe blackberry, and plum fruit flavor.  Hints of clove and anise spice and raisin and cocoa can also be enjoyed.  These 120 year old plants characterize the richness for which Amador county is renowned and cannot be replicated.
Plant them in full sun and in well drained soil.  They will do equally well planted in the ground or in a container such as a half wine barrel.  We have them available in #1 size containers for $9.99 each. 

Timely Tip
Irrigation: When & How Much to Water
The Basics, from our friends at California Assoc. of Nurseries & Garden Centers
Particularly in California, where water is such a precious resource, it’s important for gardeners to utilize proper irrigation. By watering only when you need to and only as much as your plants require, you can reduce water usage by around 25% — an average of 11,000 gallons per year. Here are some tips to be a water-wise gardener with healthy plants:

  1. Check Your Soil

Soil condition is one of the best ways to measure water levels. Stick your finger in the soil near your plant and pull it back a little bit and see how it looks and feels. If it is moist 6 to 12 inches down – perfect; if it is dry, you may need to do some additional watering.

  1. It’s All About the Roots

The roots are the only part of the plant that needs water. In fact, watering the leaves can promote the spread of disease, not to mention waste unnecessary water.

  1. Water More When Plants are New

All plants need more water initially to help establish a deep root system. But over time too much water can be just as threatening to plants as too little water. When possible use automatic timers to control the frequency and quantity of your watering.

  1. Water First Thing in the Morning

The best time to water is in the early morning. This gives the plant time to dry out if it gets wet and helps prevent plant diseases, because it is more difficult for plant diseases to develop when foliage is dry.

  1. Benefits of Mulch

Not only does a fresh layer of mulch make your house look worthy of putting on the market, mulch also helps reduce runoff and slows evaporation.

  1. Drip Irrigation and Soaker Hoses

Drip irrigation or soaker hoses are good options for efficient watering. But always remember to base your watering on plant size and variety, soil type and sun exposure.

  1. Consider Choosing Water-Wise Plants

All plants have different water requirements.  The benefits to choosing water wise plants are: watering less often, plants require less maintenance, and saving water saves on your water bill. Here are some smart water-wise choices:
Evergreen Trees: Strawberry Tree, ‘Majestic Beauty’ Olive, Compact Cherry Laurel, Arizona Cypress and African Sumac
Deciduous Trees: Eastern Redbud, Chinese Pistache, Scarlet Oak, Crape Myrtle and Chinese Hackberry
Groundcovers: Cotoneaster ‘lowfast’, Lemon Thyme, Vinca Minor, African Daisies, Trailing White Lantana and Manzanita ‘Emerald Carpet’
Large Shrubs: Hollywood Juniper, Wild Lilac ‘Ray Hartman’, Pomegranate, Shiny Xylosma and Mugo Pine
Medium Shrubs: Glossy Abelia, Manzanita, Japanese Barberry, Fortnight Lily and Nandina
Small Shrubs: Rockrose, Bush Morning Glory, Lavender and Japanese Garden Juniper
Vines: Lilac Vine ‘Happy Wanderer’, Lady Bank’s Rose and Wisteria
Perennials: Dusty Miller, Santa Barbara Daisy, Wallflower and Euphorbia
This article is from our friends at CANGC (California Assoc of Nurseries and Garden Centers). Find more information on their website HERE

Manager’s Weekly Specials
You can see what this week’s “Manager’s Special” is HERE. The specials begin Monday mornings and last through Sundays at 4pm. There’s always a special at the farm!


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